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Hello my name is Joseph Downey and I am one half of the bearded brothers from the bearded life.  We have recently launched our youtube channel which will focus on beard care products and the companies who make them character. We are Just getting started and therefore are a small channel yet but we have a ton of passion and companies like Cremo beard Care, Artius Man, Wild Willie's, and many others are sending us their product to test and review on our channel. We were wondering if Brew Beards could send us a Oil and Balm/Butter to test and review on our channel or whatever you would like us to review. This channel is more than a hobby I have NF type 2 which keeps me from working a nine to five so this channel means everything to me. I hope we can count on your support but if not we completely understand and wish you nothing but the best of luck and continued success.

Thank you very much for your time

Joseph j Downey


Shipping info
Joseph j Downey
38 Evergreen Ave
Bloomfield NJ 07003

Phone: 862-306-6035
Instagram: Beardedlife973
Size: 3XL

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